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Whether you are an art enthusiast looking for pieces to add to your collection or a horse lover who wants equestrian-themed art, the horseshoe sculptures of Rutledge Forge | John Drury, Sculptor in Blountville, TN are perfect for you. A steel sculptor dedicated to helping abused and neglected animals, he creates art from horseshoes and horseshoe nails. Take a look at his selection of horseshoe sculptures today. He also creates custom pieces by request.

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Are you searching for one-of-a-kind artworks that can improve the look of your property? Turn to a reputable steel sculptor. Trust none other than John Drury. By purchasing horseshoe sculptures and jewelry from him, you can help provide medical assistance for abused and neglected animals. If you have art commission inquiries or are interested in placing an order, call or email him today.

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Rutledge Forge | John Drury, Sculptor